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by Kathy Caple

Pub Date: March 15th, 2000
ISBN: 0-8234-1376-4
Publisher: Holiday House

Diversion centering around a tree marks three seasons of a friendship in this book of short chapters and simple vocabulary

intended for beginning readers. In "Leaves," sheep comrades Blanche and Otis rake falling leaves and are about to dump them when Blanche bemoans the lack of leaves in her own yard, which has only a pine tree. Otis rigs the bags of leaves with string in Blanche’s tree and surprises her with falling leaves. In "The Storm," sadly, Otis’s tree falls over, but in "Christmas," Blanche builds chairs out of logs from the tree as a gift. "Spring" arrives and the two sheep plant and tend a new pine tree, which quickly provides a home to baby birds. Quiet action, soft colors, and understated expressions characterize this unassuming collection of humble happenings. The characters are not defined as distinct individuals, rather it is their esprit de corps that effects the warmth of these tales dedicated

to togetherness. Friendly. (Easy reader. 6-8)