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by Kathy Love

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6589-0
Publisher: Kensington

Demon Tristan McIntyre has led a successful coup to get the job of top editor at HOT! magazine, as well as being the leader of an underworld takeover of the soulless fashion industry–if only he can stop getting distracted by Georgia, his lush, delightful personal assistant.

Of all the women in the world—and the underworld, for that matter—Tristan is never quite sure why his assistant, Georgia, whom he’s nicknamed Peaches, is the woman who sets his temperature rising and his body tightening. She’s quirky, sweet and easily a size 14, completely out of place in the HOT! world of svelte supermodels and power-hungry professionals. But for whatever reason, she’s the one human who makes Tristan dizzy with lust and frustration. Determined to get her out of his system, he sets out to seduce her with a beautiful night on the town, but in the end, it’s Tristan who winds up beguiled by Georgia’s very humanity. Sorting emotion from desire is pretty difficult when the girl you want more than anything in the world is completely at odds with who you think you are, especially when she trusts you even less than she should. Georgia knows Tristan’s flirting is second nature to him. Getting involved with him would be the worst idea in the world. Wouldn’t it? Love creates a fun, quirky set of characters and lets them loose in a strange but oddly plausible repurposing of the fashion publishing industry. She asks the reader for a good deal of suspension of disbelief, but readers know what they are getting into from the start.

A little silly but ultimately, a lighthearted and entertaining, sexy romantic romp.