LA RIFA by Katia Saks


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The yearning. The fatigue. The futility"" and yes, the pleasure (sensuous) and the pain. . . mirrored through ""vacant eyes"" and whispered with an air of elegant enervation . . . hovering. . . gliding.., vanishing. . . la dolce vita (the publishers) devitalized or Peruvian cafe espresso society. . . seductive wraiths such as Lillian now pregnant but is it by Pablo (her lover) or Julyan (her husband, unfaithful, a parvenu according to her mother sometimes overheard droning disagreeably in the distance)? ? ? ? After a succession of meetings, partings, they play the game which is ""absurd, invulnerable"" and raffle off a virgin, a baby. . . . ""No matter, nothing should be everlasting."" Fear not.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1968
Publisher: Morrow