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by Katie Reus

Pub Date: March 5th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-451-23960-0
Publisher: Signet Eclipse/NAL

Lupine shifter Jayce Kazan left Kat Saburova in order to protect her from a perilous, immortal existence, despite his passion for her. Now that she’s been turned, can he forgive himself for not being there when she needed him most, while keeping her safe from the people determined to kill them all?

As an ancient law enforcer for the otherworldly shifters, Jayce has kept his passions in check and his involvement with humans to a minimum, until he meets Kat Saburova. No woman—human or shifter—has ever tantalized him like Kat does, but when he refuses to make their relationship permanent, she leaves him. A year later, Kat is kidnapped by an anti-shifter hate group, and her injuries are so life-threatening that a shifter friend saves her by turning her. Jayce can’t forgive himself for not keeping her safe and for not being the one to turn her. Now that she’s a shifter, he’s determined to hone her skills so she’ll always be safe, while also convincing her that she can depend on him and share her life with him. Jayce is the sexiest thing Kat has ever encountered, and as willing as she is to hop back into his bed, she knows she can’t trust him. As a brand new shifter, she’s angry and vulnerable yet determined never to be a victim again, which is a good thing, since there’s a serious threat on the loose, and it has shifters and Kat in particular in its cross hairs. Katie Reus’ third book in the Moon Shifter series is a fast-paced page turner that keeps her romantic suspense/paranormal audience engaged and intrigued. Jayce is a mega–alpha male, both enthralled and infuriated by his intrepid mate, who is bravely facing the trauma of her recent kidnapping experience and the reality of her new life.

A sexy, well-crafted paranormal romance that succeeds with smart characters and creative worldbuilding.