PREGNANT BY MISTAKE: The Stories of Seventeen Women by Katrina Maxtone-Graham

PREGNANT BY MISTAKE: The Stories of Seventeen Women

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Questions answered, in that format, openly and remarkably free of rancor by accidental victims of their biology discussing their attitudes at the time -- or later, those of the man involved or their family or the medical profession to whom they turned, the costs (literal and psychological), the contraceptive methods that failed, etc. etc. There's a woman with three children well along, a girl who had three abortions, another who was opposed to the idea but admitted the necessity thereof, several who gave their children up for adoption, a childless woman who discusses what happened 22 years after the fact in a different climate when abortion wasn't even discussed, and so forth. There is, inevitably, a certain sameness to these variant versions of the next to oldest story in the world, but the book serves its purpose -- to provide legal, religious and ethical supports.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1973
Publisher: Liveright