HEART OF THE HARBOR by Katrinka Blickle


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Stagnant, silly mystery-suspense--featuring Gretchen, a career girl who does her stint in Manhattan's World Trade Center, which is just one target of a Puerto Rican nationalist terrorist group led by the mysterious ""El Condor."" And why is Gretchen, unlike her fellow New Yorkers, getting all upset about E1 Condor instead of merely tsk-tsk-ing while watching the evening TV news? Principally because her new artist husband, Pieter Van der Hock (who lives in his ancestral home on a tiny isle in New York Harbor) has some unsettling connections: a Puerto Rican mother-in-law; odd, secretive meetings with a sinister-looking type; brother Dirk, supposedly on the island but never seen; and Pieter's ""weird friend"" J‚sus, who heatedly talks (with Pieter!) about injustices to Puerto Rico. Then, to top it all off, there's the violent death of an activist actress whom Pieter had painted. Could Pieter possibly be E1 Condor? Tediously talky worryings ensue, Gretchen's life is threatened twice, and there's a last-minute rescue on Liberty Island when the now-revealed E1 Condor leads his cub pack in laying explosives at the statue's pedestal, intending to levitate Liberty toward Hoboken. More modern-gothic bilge from the author of North Sea Mistress (1977).

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday