NORTH SEA MISTRESS by Katrinka Blickle


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Fiona, bonnie lass from Amherst, Mass., becomes the Widow Grimsby when a BMW bike hits-and-runs her oil-rich, Scotland-exploiting hubby from London. Och. But grieve not, laddies and lassies, for now Fiona's wed again and living doon at Lochinver Castle with Scottish nationalist Alastair (""it's Scotland's oil?) and tender in-laws. Bliss, nae? Aye, but what about those wee ""accidents""--faulty brakes, falling boulders--Fiona's been having? Could it be that Alastair's not only kilty but also guilty? Och, Fiona dinna know! Aye, but we do, long before Fiona (""Fiona, Fiona, when will you open your beautiful eyes?"") learns the Truth. The subtitle is ""Romance and Revolution in Modern-day Scotland."" Och. Ech. Ich.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday