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ANGEL AMONG US by Katy Munger


by Katy Munger

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7278-8201-1
Publisher: Severn House

A ghostly police officer and the comrades he left very much alive take on a difficult case rife with political complications.

In death, Kevin Fahey (Angel of Darkness, 2012, etc.) floats through the small Delaware town where he used to be a lazy, hard-drinking cop. It’s the same place that a beautiful, well-liked, very pregnant Latina married to the mayor’s son vanished from. Maggie Gunn and Adrian Calvano are given the case by Cmdr. Gonzales, a politically ambitious Latino who dislikes his own people. Maggie and Calvano find the last two places Arcelia Gallagher was seen: a Catholic church and Delmonte House. Both places are home to many secrets. At the church, the priest and several nuns are secretly using the basement to care for a large group of illegal immigrants. The recently renovated Delmonte House is home to a famous Hollywood actor and his wife, a much younger actress soon to give birth. Fahey, who’s drifting along with the police as they investigate, knows that Delmonte is haunted and realizes that Arcelia is hidden somewhere on the grounds but can’t do anything about it. The baying tabloid press and reality TV, including Maggie’s obnoxious, self-centered ex, are quick to accuse Arcelia’s husband of murder, but Gonzales instead arrests a Mexican illegal whose pregnant wife has also vanished, leaving Fahey to seek salvation while Maggie and Calvano desperately search for the missing woman.

Another solid police procedural for the Dead Detective set apart by a touch of mysticism.