ODETTE: A Bird in Paris by Kay Fender

ODETTE: A Bird in Paris

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It's springtime in Paris and a newly hatched bird drops out of its nest and onto an old man's hat. Thus begins a fond relationship, with Odette bringing unprecedented smiles to the old man's face as he goes about his daily business of playing his accordion in the metro tunnel. Then it's fall and Odette flies South; when she returns in spring the old man is gone from the tunnel, but in the treetops above the metro he has left his hat for Odette and her new mate to nest in. Dumas' watercolor scenes of Paris above and below ground have an appropriate quiet glow; but with Fender's sweet-sad ending it's all a bit too tritely sentimental even for Paris in the spring.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1978
Publisher: Prentice-Hall