FOOL OF TIME by  Kean Geymour


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A plot used as a vehicle for a story of modern youth in rebellion -- the time, just yesterday, the period of non-intervention in Spain. Points of view are fied through various members of a family -- the mother, a frustrated artist; the father, an old school, concealing his love for his sister-in-law who just now from America, the eldest son, torn by the conflict in Spain and determined to get in the eldest daughter, in love with an older man, a bit of a bounder who represents the isolationist viewpoint. In the resolving of the various conflicts, and romances, lies the story, too introspective, too retrospective, and already too dated. The market for which she writes expects an English parallel to the Helen Hull type of better class rental library story. The setting and characters qualify, but the book as a whole seems pleasant though unimportant.

Publisher: Macmillan