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PADD YOUR WEALTH by Keith Fevurly


by Keith Fevurly

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1463792466
Publisher: CreateSpace

An authoritative, all-in-one guide to personal financial planning.

Most current assessments of U.S. consumers’ financial affairs tell a sobering story: Consumers are frequently saddled with educational and credit card debt; most are severely underfunding their retirement. It’s the kind of scenario that demands nothing short of crisis management, and Fevurly’s book is a solid start. While not the panacea for all financial woes, this comprehensive, objective and pertinent guidebook provides plenty of smart, common-sense advice that will benefit almost anyone. Fevurly, an estate planning attorney and personal financial planner, covers all the bases in just enough detail: insurance; investing; income tax planning; expenses like a child’s higher education; the financial impact of life events, such as divorce or death; Social Security; Medicare and more. The author writes in a no-nonsense, straightforward style, moving from subject to subject with adept skill and little drama. Thankfully, he has the ability to explain in simple terms the financial concepts that could otherwise be intimidating to the average reader. Like most financial books, this one has a gimmick: Fevurly offers his advice under an approach he calls “PADD”—Protect your assets, Accumulate monetary wealth, Defend your wealth, and Distribute this wealth during your lifetime for the benefit of yourself, your family and your heirs. It’s an appropriate framework for a financial discussion that is, at times, a bit dry, yet highly relevant to any consumer, regardless the life stage and circumstances. Helpful appendices enhance the text, offering such tools as a data-gathering form, expense worksheets, samples of durable powers of attorney and a glossary.

Easily situated to be the primary source for getting your financial life in order.