THE 365 DAYS by Keith Gordon Irwin


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The story of the calendar as man has made it from the pioneering of the Egyptian god Thoth in 3000 B.C. to the projected world calendar of the 20th century ffers room for intriguing supposition and fact. The author details the three alendars of antiquity evolved in Egypt, and Asia Minor and Mesopotamia which form the basis for our modern calendar as handed down to us through Julius Caesar, Constantine and Pope Gregory. The role of the functions of civilization (market day and the Sabbath) and of nature (the Nile, the pulse of woman) in affecting the calendar bring a curiosa value to the study. The author looks also to the solutions to the riddles of early dates through astronomy, carbon-14, and free-ring records. An interesting little volume, serious in its presentation, good for library consumption.

Publisher: Crowell