PAVANE by Keith Roberts


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Steamrollers in 1968 London? Feudalism? An oppressive, inquisitorial Catholicism dominating Europe? A truly different world meticulously created here by author Roberts who projects what would have happened if the Spanish Armada had broken through and religion had stifled an industrial revolution. Of course in time missteps still lead to the inevitability of progress in this view, and the segments recorded here show the breakup of the archaic system. Unrequited love drives Eli Strange to a lifetime of amassing a fortune and creating a dynasty that will eventually give his descendant. Lady Eleanor, the power to rebel against the Pope. A passion for art drives young John into a monastery, the only place where he can receive training and as Brother John he is called upon to paint the agonies of the Inquisition, scenes that drive him to a mad martyrdom and he becomes the inspiration for the revolution of the oppressed. Other characters, incidents, all have their place in the pageant, the ""tapestry"" of this other past. Pavane -- stately steps augmented by mysticism, magic and maybe.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday