THE LONESOME SORREL by Keith Robertson
Kirkus Star


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Heartwarming and thrilling, this relates the mutual gain of a horse-innocent boy and a boy-loving sorrel hunter. Easterner, Cliff Barry was never more surprised when he found an unwanted Cinnamon waiting for him at the beginning of a New Jersey summer -- a dispirited Cinnamon who had been shipped from the west by his owner after everything had been tried to pull him out of doldrums caused by the departure of his seventeen-year-old Australian boy trainer. Cinnamon's owners realized the horse wasn't giving his best, planned to send him to Cliff in hopes a boy's personality would improve matters -- and to write Cliff a long explanation of the situation. But the letter is lost and boy and horse begin from scratch. The resulting adventures, the growth of the boy and the horse, a breathtaking cross country steeplechase and triumph over a jealous fellow rider, make a gripping story and one as gracefully written as Cinnamon's own powerful stride.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1952
Publisher: Winston