THE MISSING BROTHER by Keith Robertson
Kirkus Star


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This author's cool-headed, enterprising young men are about the most satisfactory heroes we know, and the mystery-adventure plot here has all the necessary ingredients -- suspicious personalities, snooping, pursuits, hot action and a few hair-raising scares. When Ted Fowler made friends with sour old Eric Gillaby and learned something of his history, he became involved in a tangle concerning Eric's missing brother, whom Eric was suspected of dispatching twenty-five years before so as to keep his share of the land, John Paradise, an evil schemer who had cheated the Gillabys in the past, a man posing as Eric's brother to claim his inheritance and some strong arm men using violence to find the Gillaby money. With the help of Eric and the understanding Judge, Ted does some detective work and literally unearths some conclusive, unpleasant evidence on Eric's land. Good, fast reading.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Viking