MASCOT OF THE MELROY by Keith Robertson


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By dint of knowing people and how they react to their pets, Mr. Robertson has written another good novel making things extremely real within the small limits of a man-dog relationship. The Melroy was a destroyer during WW II that went down off Anzio beach after the Italian invasion, and its mascot, a Newfoundland retriever named Bosun, was found by some of the men while on a shore leave. The processes- smugglings, threats, cajolings, heroic deeds- whereby goodhearted Bosun's wholehearted acceptance is achieved- even by the tough captain, are funny, absorbing and ultimately moving. For after the Melroy sinks and Bosun is lost in North Africa, there are some wistful years of wandering and haunting Navy yards before he finds a couple of his old shipmates again in Hawaii.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1953
Publisher: Viking