FROM THIS TO THAT by Keith W. Jennison


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The concept that nothing remains in its original form oughout its life is explored first generally and then with one detailed example. The first transformations through naturs, children become adults, kittens become cats. The next involve but do not state man's participation; wheat becomes bread, milk becomes ice cream. In following this steps in the transformation of the little spruce tree into paper and subsequently into this very book, the author provides the young child with a basis for further inquiry into an environment which heretofore may have appeared stable and pat in place. No, the book does not grow in the bookshelf, and although the process of its creation may still appear a bit hazy, however deftly and simply it is presented here, the overall concept comes through very well. Large colorful illustrations by Kathleen Elgin are bright and clear.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1961
Publisher: McKay