THE LAST MAYDAY by Keith Wheeler


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The U.S. sends its super nuclear submarine Skate into Russian waters to pick up a very top secret defector, one Kirov (read Khrushchev). This then sails through troubled waters and bumpy landmarks as the sub tries to sneak in while Kirov, disguised as a peasant, is spirited cross-country by Uzzumekis, an American defector who is trying to get home again. Kirov turns out to be one whale of a nice guy, insisting that the pregnant Melina, also escaping, be allowed to accompany them. Many a lengthy mile and murder later, the rendezvous is completed but the submarine is blitzed before it can make a getaway. Trapped at the bottom of the bay with the carbon monoxide count going up and the hot line to Washington sizzling! And guess what rangy Texan's face is red! And guess who makes those pesky Russkies back down. The Last Mayday comes on like The Last Hurrah but the believability gap is wider than the Balkan peninsula.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday