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And Other North American Stories

From the Cautionary Fables & Fairytales series

edited by Kel McDonald , Kate Ashwin & Alina Pete

Pub Date: April 5th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-945820-97-7
Publisher: Iron Circus Comics

Native American and First Nations writers and artists introduce a comics anthology of diverse Indigenous lore passed down through generations.

Representing eight tribes, each offering is this collection is a reimagining of a traditional Indigenous tale. Readers are led on a wild journey through various mythologies, including the Métis narrative of a young boy trapped in the body of a rougarou (werewolf); a Chickasaw pourquoi story featuring an anthropomorphic rabbit trickster; the legend of the Octopus Woman from the S’Kallam tribe; and an Ojibwe story about a girl who encounters a half-lynx, half-dragon underwater being called Mishipeshu while searching for clean water for her people. Some stories are humorous, such as the Navajo-sourced “Into the Darkness,” while others dip into the mystery genre, like “The Woman in the Woods” from the Taino oral tradition. Because of the digestible graphic format, this would be a good introductory text for readers unfamiliar with Native American folklore and culture; meanwhile, Indigenous readers may find the stories from tribes other than their own pleasingly familiar. The black-and-white artwork by multiple artists is enhanced by panels of varying shapes and layouts. The stories are set in both contemporary and historical periods, and some feature two-spirit characters. After reading these diverse stories, young readers might be inspired to create a folklore retelling of their own. Characters are diverse in race, skin tone, age, and gender. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

Enjoyable for reading aloud or sharing around a campfire.

(Graphic fiction. 8-13)