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SPELL BOUND by Kelley Armstrong


by Kelley Armstrong

Pub Date: July 26th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-525-95220-6
Publisher: Dutton

Book 12 of the projected 13 volume urban fantasy series is merely preparation for what promises to be an epic climax.

At the end of the previous installment (Waking the Witch, 2010, etc.) witch/sorcerer Savannah Levine thought to herself that she’d do anything, even give up her magic, if she could reunite an orphaned girl with her grandmother, imprisoned for killing two women. Unfortunately, someone heard Savannah’s desperate wish and granted it, even as a witch hunter, demons and a cult of supernatural immortality (and publicity) seekers attempt either to kill her or win her to their apocalyptic cause. Entirely unused to operating without her powers, and still struggling with her feelings for half-demon Adam Vasic, 21-year-old Savannah must grow up quickly and prepare for battle (although against what it’s not quite certain). Before the many strands of the plot resolve into a single story line, readers may have some difficulty keeping track of everything. This is definitely the wrong place to jump into the series, which, despite the substantial supply of action sequences and copious exposition, is clearly an extended buildup for the final volume, which will, no doubt, be a supernatural smackdown of amazing proportions.

Unable to stand on its own, but fans should be happy enough.