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A BEAUTIFUL EVIL by Kelly Keaton


by Kelly Keaton

Age Range: 14 & up

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4424-0927-9
Publisher: Simon Pulse/Simon & Schuster

A gorgon and her aristocrat vampire boyfriend wage battle against the goddess Athena in this action-filled paranormal romance set in New 2—a futuristic, crumbling New Orleans.

This follow-up to Darkness Becomes Her (2011) again features Ari, an appealingly tough heroine, schooled in the techniques of bail bondsmen by her foster parents. Picking up where the first left off, Ari hurries to learn all she can about mastering her gorgon power so she can rescue both her father and Violet, one of the ragtag group of misfits with whom she lives in New 2, from Athena’s realm. Interesting reworking of Greek myth and deft plotting will intrigue and engage readers, though the use of trite phrases may pull them out of their immersion in the story: Ari’s love interest, Sebastian, is described as having “…pale skin, raven hair, and naturally dark red lips paired with a rebel attitude and a poet’s soul,” and Athena commands her at one point to “Chill, gorgon…or you’ll miss the best part.” Ari’s gruff but introspective narration serves to nicely flesh out her character, allowing her to be both brave and vulnerable. While secondary players remain one-dimensional, including bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold Sebastian, fans of the first will enjoy this and clamor for the next.

Interesting ideas, flawed execution. (Paranormal romance. 14 & up)