WINNING MOVES: The Body Language of Selling by Ken Delmar

WINNING MOVES: The Body Language of Selling

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Body-language talk smartly wrapped around pointers for all kinds of selling situations. Delmar has the mandatory slogan: URY, ""You are why,"" ""Up Relax Yes."" He has something to say, early and late, about creating a ""supersalesperson character,"" via acting techniques and exercises: ""You will have to teach your eyes how to transmit your new resolve, to reflect your reserve of willpower and courage."" But he also takes you, move by move, through a one-on-one office sale: from making an entrance (after depositing your dripping umbrella outside) through proferring a pen to get your prospect's signature (""Keep your eyes on the prospect's face. . . . Do not withdraw your hand, even a fraction of an inch""). He addresses the question of appearance and demeanor for women (""It is wise to defeminize your stance. . . . Be especially careful not to lean your head to either side"") and for men (""It is absolutely crucial,"" for one thing, ""to have well-maintained teeth""). He also takes less common aim at the age gap--how to avoid being taken for a Whippersnapper or a Geezer. (Young saleswomen shouldn't be too demure; older saleswomen should be dignified.) The acme of precision, though, are Delmar's instructions on selling real estate (a business his wife has been in), on performing before a camera (he's made industrial films), on utilizing audiovisual aids, public speaking, and conference selling. Some of Delmar's behavioral observations invite skepticism (he's fond of split-brain psychology); but he does move right along--from palaver to insights to practicalities.

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 1984
Publisher: Warner