COMEBACK: The Ken Venturi Story by Ken with Oscar Fraley Venturi

COMEBACK: The Ken Venturi Story

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This is an inspirational biography about and by champion golfer Ken Venturi who is just now at the height of his career. All told, this is not a significant book, the prose is parsed out incident by incident as if for a scenario, and the story has a steady pathetic quality which rings bells with sports reporters but otherwise seems half hoople. Four subjects are pursued: Venturi's redemption from cocky boorishness; Venturi's obsession with the art of golf; Venturi's licking his biggest bogey, the Augusta National tournament; and Venturi's comebacks, first from a psychological debility and then from a disease which crippled his hands after he won the United States Open. Venturi long thought himself pegged by others as an athlete who folded in the clutch. He won championships but seldom showed well in the really big match at Augusta. Then his career tailspinned, his son's legs were gruesomely injured, and he hit the bottle too frequently. Everybody but his closest friends wrote him off. Then Ken found religion. After his greatest triumph, winning the U.S. Open, his hands suddenly went dead. An operation was successful, and Ken's biggest triumphs lay ahead... As a figure, Venturi is certainly interesting, as are his comebacks, and his great moments come through glowingly. His introspection about his life and problems is considerably less interesting.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Appleton-Century