PRAYERS FOR CHURCH WORKERS by Kendig Brubaker-Ed. Cully


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A most useful collection of prayers for private and public use, but especially the latter. In Collect form, and from many sources, these prayers will admirably serve the purpose of all Christians who seek a special prayer for special occasions. There are prayers for guidance for families, for children, for the church, for church schools, for schools of learning, (sic!), for days in the Christian year, for various church meetings, for community occasions, for young people, for adults and for anniversaries. There is a list of acknowledgments arranged alphabetically after the prayers, but no convenient way to discover the source of each prayer as it occurs. It might have been better to list them by chapter in the order of their appearance, or to print some ""key"" with each prayer. As there is considerable difficulty in finding the author and origin for the prayers. Dr. Kendig Cully has earlier edited Basis Writings in Christian Education, by the same publisher.

Publisher: Westminster Press