WILL THE CHURCH LOSE THE CITY? by Kendig Brubaker & Nile Harper--Eds. Cully


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The question of the title is aptly answered by one of the contributors to this collection, Howard Moody, who observes that the Church lost the city perhaps a century ago, and that the pertinent question is now, ""will the city lose the Church?"" Rev. Moody puts his finger on it, as the book demonstrates, while other contributors, discussing. ""city church work"" by the various denominations, the stand (or lack of it) by the churches on the critical social, economic and political problems of the day, and the churches' half-hearted approach to urban problems, come to much the same conclusion and to same question. A final essay is aimed at proposing a course of action that will at least render the Church a Significant factor again in the life of the American city: the churches must combine to achieve a metropolitan sense of mission and field of action characterized by mobility and freedom of action and reinforced by new values in the training of workers both lay and clerical. A well-conceived and thought-provoking collection, eminently suited to the library even of the smallest-seminary.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1969
Publisher: World