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HOLE IN THE MIDDLE by Kendra Fortmeyer


by Kendra Fortmeyer

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-61695-956-2
Publisher: Soho Teen

Most teens feel like they’re missing something, but 17-year-old Morgan was born with a literal hole through her abdomen.

Morgan’s celebrity fitness guru mother has always shielded her smooth, egg-shaped difference from the world, but Morgan is tired of hiding. Armed with a fake ID, she heads to a local dance club, where, donning a belly shirt and empowered by her anonymity, she reveals the Hole to the world in an act that leaves her feeling free. It’s not long before Morgan is an internet sensation, her body public property. She’s scrutinized from every angle, the Hole the object of obscene jokes. Then her doctor introduces her to Howie, born with a lump of skin that’s the Hole’s perfect match. Genetic research on the two of them has led to the possibility of gene therapy that might close the Hole. Will Morgan remain true to herself, missing piece and all? Morgan narrates in a straightforward voice that is at once wry and heartfelt. The relationship between introvert Morgan and her best friend, fat-positive glamour girl Caroline, eclipses the dry love story that evolves between Morgan and sweet-natured Howie. Most characters, including freckled, Jewish Morgan, are assumed white; some people of color are mentioned in passing; and a briefly mentioned character is referred to with they/them pronouns.

An empowering, timely feminist read about bodily autonomy and one young woman’s fight to keep control of hers.

(Fiction. 12-18)