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GOLD RUSH BY SEA by Kenneth -- Ed. Haney



Pub Date: May 23rd, 1941
Publisher: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press

A bit of Americana, the journal of a young American, Garrett Low, who sailed around the Horn in 1851 to California. Transposed into modern vernacular, the trip was a riot. Garrett Low had a sense of humor and the assortment of passengers would rejoice the heart of a Hollywood scenario writer. A lecherous, drunken captain, a Harvard Professor, Mr. Whippet and his 'bubbly' wife -- who was looking for trouble, the Reverend Thorne who had a hard time keeping sin in place and the Barkley glamour girls who kept everyone hot and bothered. Add storms at sea, an earthquake, mutiny, and a spot of seduction and you still have two bucks worth of entertainment in 1941. Sea going human comedy, top flight farce and first class Americana."" So says E. S. McCawley, and he should know.