THE GENEROUS HEART by Kenneth Fearing


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Within the setting of professional fund raising six people tell the story of Campaign Consultants and their part in various drives -- particularly that of the Generous Heart, out to salvage human wreckage in print -- in actuality to make use of anguish to rig a fast, profitable trick. These are the stories of Jay Ravoc, prepared to uphold the firm's reputation; Beechwood who accepts and agrees to being an accessory to homicide; Stanley Thornhill who believes he motivates the employees of Campaign Consultants -- for his own good -- but who is in turn manipulated by Fenner and Belle Griscom. The Griscoms try acid compounds, sent in Ravoc's name, on Shana Hepworth, try their perverted wiles on Beechwood and Ravoc to put over the Generous Heart promotion, try to keep Thornhill under wraps -- and try to save their own skins when Ravoc pulls a squeeze play that takes them apart. Technicians of the high pitch -- for high stakes, operating in licensed panhandling with organized moaning, these may recall Monsarrat's Esther Costello and some recent newspaper revelations about spurious charities. In all events these angles and fund loving angels provide suspense which is hurried and very harried.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1954
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace