ARCTIC VENTURE by Kenneth Gilbert


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A clean-out adventure story with an authentic Arctic background. Fifteen-year-old Chuck Morgan leaves with his father on the trading schooner, the Aleut, on a furtrading expedition. Although his father is co-owner of the Aleut. Chuck seems to sense that the navigator, Brad Collins, is purposely causing trouble among the men and has an eye on trading for furs himself. Chuck's suspicions are confirmed when Collins deliberately allows the ship to be caught in a freeze-up. Mr. Morgan leaves for help and Collins soon takes over, leaves the ship and steals the furs. Through the aid of his Eskimo friend, Kenak, and a chase through the snow with the Eskimos the thieves are caught and the cargo is saved. Routine adventure, but with the fascinating glimpses of Eskimo life -- hunting, feasting and traveling -- this would make excellent regional material.

Publisher: Holt