BERTIE'S ESCAPADE by Kenneth Grahame


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First published under this title in 1949, when it was reprinted from a British magazine, this has its place as a bit of the real thing for those who enjoy a taste of yesterday (and all the better if it's British) with their Christmas trifles. It takes place late on a December night when Bertie, a ""pig of action,"" rouses rabbits Peter and Benjie to go out caroling. A mole lift operator (anyone we know?) takes them up the hill to Mr. Stone's lodge, where the animals envision a champagne feast spread in appreciation of their concert. Instead, a sleepy Mr. Stone sends his dogs out after the horrid little squealers--but Benjie provides them all, Mole included, with a merry feast in his sty, the goodies snitched from owner Mr. Graham's larder. Arch, this last (and it raises the question of Mr. Stone's identity), but disarmingly so--especially as performed by Shepard's endearing small animals.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row