story ahead by Kenneth Harris

story ahead

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A once-over of America, as it appeared to one of the three members of the Oxford Debating Society, sent over here where they toured 43 states in five months. Casting a more charitable critical eye on this country as against his own, than many of his fellow countrymen have done in the past, Harris draws some apt, astute conclusions and comparisons, lends a fresh, friendly appreciation to his experience here. From the first seasick crossing to the first debate, he goes on to describe football, fraternities, travel, homes, food, children, religion, private enterprise, class distinctions, money, Negroes, Hollywood, with amiable approval; our politics (their irreverence as well as corruption), advertising, education (mass production versus individual attention) justifiably don't come off so well. Written primarily for an English audience, to counteract an almost timeless superciliousness, this still has a see -- yourself-as-others-see-you appeal for readers here, and is difficult to dispute.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1950
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin