NIGHT BELL by Kenneth Horan


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Double shift (a new form, a new publisher) -- and the result a semi-light novel of a hospital, as seen through the eyes of a doctor's wife. It is one of these border-line books, which might justifiably go into the $2.50 class. Mrs. Horan writes with facility and a knack of implication and undercurrents which raises the book out of the commonplace. The story is that of the hare and the tortoise -- in the field of medicine -- the older man, who wants to play partners with nature, and the younger man who is inclined to rush every case to the operating table. Distinctly on the distaff side, as to viewpoint, but pleasant reading, and with the glamour the ""men in white"" impose.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1940
Publisher: Scribner