THE PROCESS OF DIVORCE: How Professionals & Couples Negotiate Settlements by Kenneth Kressel

THE PROCESS OF DIVORCE: How Professionals & Couples Negotiate Settlements

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A specialized look at an often neglected problem: the crucial period of negotiation that follows court processes in divorce cases. This is when the sparks fly and is, perhaps, the time that requires the most expertise and self-control on the part of all parties. The focus of this book is the role of therapists, lawyers, and divorce mediators in settlement negotiations over money, property, and children. Kressel, chairman of the Psychology Department at Rutgers (Newark), explains the scope of the problem--a transfer of property and assets totalling billions of dollars annually, as well as affecting the fundamental bond between parents and children. This is, perhaps, more fully understood when we reflect upon the fact that there are now over one million divorces per year in our country. Kressel attempts to provide a manual for professionals in the field, as well as offering guidance to lay people in constructive divorce conflict. He also hopes to stimulate others to study the up-until-now neglected field of the settlement process. Kressel's conclusion is that the line between therapy and mediation is not always usefully drawn and that combining the two approaches within mediation may be necessary for a truly constructive and lasting resolution. A valuable offering, if only because it fills a vacuum.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 1985
Publisher: Basic Books