THE BATTLE OF THE CROSS by Kenneth L. Sandercock


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The ""preaching of the Cross"" at the three hour Passion Service on Good Friday continues to be an effective way to present the heart of the Christian faith to large congregations everywhere. Each year brings the printing of still more of the series of sermons preached at such services. Each has a contribution to make, to those who preach this service year after year, and welcome new insight, and to others who must read such meditations because they are far from such a Good Friday service. This latest series by the Reverend Kenneth L. Sandercock is better than many others. It pictures Christ's death on the Cross as a series of victorious battles against the world, the flesh and the devil that everyman must fight, and shows how Christ's victory makes man's victory possible. The writing is simple and effective, and current illustrations make it abundantly clear that His divine warfare is still going on today, and still on behalf of man, who is summoned to enter the conflict.

Publisher: Morehouse-Barlow