THE MONEYMAKERS by Kenneth Lamott


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The biggest new board heads are a mixed money bag and doomed, says the author, but fun to read about anyway. Take good old W. Clement Stone, for instance--he walks around thinking pink and if you've got a problem, he's got just the right simplistic slogan for you (""Think success... you become successful""). And did he ever--three million dollars worth of Positive Mental Attitude. Then there's D. K. Ludwig, the tanker king whose main sport is putting together the elements of a big deal. For Charles B. Thornton, Horatio Alger still lives and his dirt farm-to-corporation captaincy proves it. The most informatively amusing aspect of this collection of interviews and analyses of the millionaires is that Mr. Lamott avoids the famous first families of finance to zero in on swingers rarely in the news or gossip columns. Under individual classifications such as Salesmen, Conglomerate Men, Paranoids (i.e. the best known, Howard Hughes) the top acquisitors are totted up and found deficient. However entertaining.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1969
Publisher: Little, Brown