FOR AUTHORS ONLY by Kenneth Roberts
Kirkus Star


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Here's the plum from the pudding, when a customer is seeking amusing, original and refreshing essays for entertainment. Ironical, funny, excellent reading and tart writing, with neither the complete humiliation of Thurber nor the stridency of Mark Twain -- and yet something of each. There seems almost nothing of the historical novelist one knows through the Arundel novels -- other than his incurable passion for research, no matter what the subject. Longish essays -- intimate -- with many a chuckle. Ideal for reading aloud, for picking up at bedtime, for week-end gift. He speaks his mind on the mysteries that surround him, -- the Pulitzer Prize awards, diets, exercise, building in Italy, games played in the evening, Evangeline Adam's horoscope, the investment market, education in England, work on his house in Maine and in the garden, modes of yesteryear, golf, fishing in the north woods -- and on and on. Don't miss it yourself, and you'll be able to make firm friends of the customers to whom you sell it.

Pub Date: Aug. 9th, 1935
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran