CHANNEL ASSAULT by Kenneth Royce


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It's 1942, and Lord Arden (along with some other high-ups within Britain's ruling class) decides to make a secret peace with Hitler, then depose Winston Churchill; so a hush-hush conference is planned, with Lord Arden scheduled to slip off to Germanoccupied Alderney, smallest and northern-most of the Channel Islands. Meanwhile, however, one of Churchill's staunch supporters gets wind of the scheme--and arranges for American soldier/agent Schroder (of the blossoming OSS) to sneak over, at great peril, to Alderney. His mission? To hook up with Dr. George Fuller, the evacuated island's only British resident--a onetime Churchill friend who has been having a miserable time on Alderney ever since landing there while fleeing France with French girlfriend Claudie: Fuller, the isle's sole M.D., has been forced to help the Germans with their suspiciously frenetic fortification operations (with underground tunnels); and Fuller and Claudie are dangerously harboring an assortment of fugitives (a German deserter, a labor-camp escapee, French waif Jacqui). When daredevil Schroder arrives, then, with his vague message (Fuller is told only to be alert for the arrival of someone called ""Ardense""), Fuller and Claudie are merely confused and afraid. But soon Fuller figures out what Lord Arden is up to. And he resolves to stop Arden from meeting with Hitler's emissaries--especially since Fuller now knows what Arden doesn't: that Hitler has no intention of honoring any pact, that he intends to invade England--using Alderney as his base! Lots of scheming ensues, then, with some hand-to-hand combat; a phony medical emergency (Arden will die on the operating table); the reluctant help of a ""good German"" officer; and a breathless escape. Busily plotted, stolidly delivered WW II action--from the efficient author of 10,000 Days and Bustillo.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1982
Publisher: McGraw-Hill