NEWS IS WHAT WE MAKE IT by Kenneth Stewart


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A ""personal historian"" of every phase of journalism, the author reviews his progress from detachment, to conviction, to action, as a newspaperman whose discovery of self, responsibilities, led him to recognize his stake in society and the right to speak out. So here is a thoughtful, evaluative, record of headlines and deadlines, and the men and women who make them. This country over, newspaper and magazine experience, work in Europe, teaching, and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, now with the News Division of O.W.I., the author observes the turning points and trends of the news world since 1918, erects a sounding board for what happened, for the shaping of thought and action in those times. This is not the sensational newspaperman, spotlighting top events, but the student of journalism presenting his findings over the years. More for the classroom, the historian, than the casual reader but nevertheless a fine-penned picture of the fourth estate in its papers, men and quarter century events.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1943
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin