PORTRAIT OF LAUREL by Kenneth Thomas


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This sort of book seems to have small reason for being, -- on writing, plot, or character counts. Laurel is ambitious, reserved, and unwilling to accept the advances of her father, who discovers her twenty years after he had walked out on his responsibilities as a family man. She is one of the performers and instructors at a roller skating rink near Princeton, where Kaston is teaching music. His hard-won security is not enough to encompass his growing loneliness, and it is only bit by bit that he wins Laurel to accepting what he can give her. He writes music for her; he tides her over the loss of her job; he finally chooses a deliberately shortened life in order to be near her, giving her the little extras she has lacked. So what.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1943
Publisher: Appleton-Century