A THEATER IN YOUR HEAD by Kenneth Thorpe Rowe


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A discussion and study book offers instruction on how to experience a play with the mind's eye and ear through the reading of plays, and the fundamentals of imaginative projection have their beginnings in terms of the theater. An examination of the components behind a theatrical production -- the producer, the director, the designer and the actors -- comes first; then the elements of a play -- its structure, meaning, types (farce, melodrama, comedy, tragedy, etc.), its traditional and modern climates, its temper, etc., come next. Finally the evaluation of a play with regard to unity, images, language, vitality, characters, leads into a practical exercise with a two act manuscript critically annotated by the author, whose courses in playwriting at the University of Michigan produced more than one award-winning student. For the non-commercial theater groups, drama and theater courses, and the serious reader of published plays, this should be an instructive guide.

Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls