ARABS, OIL AND HISTORY by Kermit Roosevelt


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A much more personal, generally informative book than Mikesell & Chenery's Arabian Oil (U. of North Carolina- P. 136) to which it has some basic relationship, this is for the interested follower of current events in the Middle East. Roosevelt, through his war years there, and a year's stay in 1947, gives a more than casual coverage of the lands and the peoples, a survey of the individual countries of the area, Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan, and an analysis of the activities of the Big Powers -- Russia, Great Britain and the United States. He notes the challenging differences, the encouraging and discouraging similarities, the importance of the Middle East as a hub of three countries -- Europe, Asia, Africa --; he stresses the loss of love and respect for America where he has found it and the great menace that Russia is, and will be; he profiles the patriots, nationalists, rulers and obstructionists in many interviews, meetings, and visits; he correlates political as well as cultural, economic and racial problems. This is an individual accounting, worthy of note because of its less specialized approach, its wider and deeper interest in allied questions, its greater readability.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1949
Publisher: Harper