SENTIMENTAL SAFARI by Kermit Roosevelt


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Teddy Roosevelt's grandson retraces the famous year-long post-Presidential hunting expedition to East Africa. Times have changed. T.R. travelled mainly by horse and foot; his grandson uses jets and Land Rovers, but the wild game tales are much the same from decade to decade. They hunt lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard and many lesser quadrupeds and each day's outing provides some campfire story. They also observe ""the winds of change"" in Africa: T.R., a great reformer and conservationist at home, was not overly disturbed by the wanton killing of animals and believed that the white settlers had earned their right to a preferential place in society. The author realizes that Uhuru is inevitable and makes a strong plea for the preservation of wild life. Aided by Life magazine, Kermit and his two sons rough it in camps much the same as T.R. did but their 25-day trip does not have the panache of the earlier safari. However, with its ample reference to T.R.'s adventures and his subsequent account, African Game Trails, the Roosevelt glamour may still prevail.

Publisher: Knopf