PANDORA MAN by Kerry & Frank Schaefer Newcomb


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President-elect Matthew Bern and entourage are having a Texas cookout on Bern's Texas hill country ranch near San Antonio when a whole passel of assassins with silencered machine guns kills everybody in sight, starting with the upcoming First Lady whose body goes hopping over the ground shooting blood--and so on. Yep, they're all killed--or are they? Well, it seems President-elect Bern escaped with only a neck wound that has slightly altered his voice. And his trusted Mexican-American adviser Tom Salcedo has also survived, despite major wounds and a million stitches. After Tom is released from the hospital, and has spent eight days in bed with his ex-wife, he's given the run-around in Washington but at last is admitted to see Bern. Tom knows instantly it's not Bern, but a ringer! Then where is Matt Bern? Is he even alive? At this point the authors start throwing in every diversion they can think of to pad their story until the necessary recovery and swearing-in of the real Matt Bern, and to do this they make Tom the odd man out, hiding from the police and from any meaningful plot development. It turns out that Dorothea Hamilton-Kane, a rich bitch who runs the world's greatest corporations and has a taste for recorded Broadway musicals, is out to rule the world's most powerful office by having her own man in there. Dumb? You said it. Remember Pandora and keep this one firmly closed.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow