THE GHOSTS OF ELKHORN by Kerry & Frank Schaeffer Newcomb


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Sentimental Disney-ana--as the old Wind River Kid, hermit in the ghost town of Elkhorn, Colorado, finds his privacy invaded by two youngsters hiding out from the vengeful Mob. Like the other Kids, Wind River had made a name for himself as a gambler and fast gun. But at 36 he lost courage, let his buddy Aden Creed be gunned down, and stayed on at Elkhorn as the mine ran out--though haunted by the ghost of Aden Creed and by a phantom grizzly bear. Now, however--at 71 in 1927--Wind River decides to leave forever, goes down to Mountain City, finds the whole place transmogrified, gets so smashed that his horse takes him back home. . . only to find newcomers there: Roman Phillips, a driver who has run off with ten grand belonging to his boss in the protection mob; and Lainie, a girl he fell for in a Denver dance contest. Roman and Lainie keep Wind River a prisoner in the Great Northern Hotel until Roman decides to go alone down to Mountain City and get some mules for their escape (Wind River ruins their roadster in a joyride through a boarded-up saloon). But the hoods trail Roman back--so there's a predictable big shootout with Wind River Kid facing the three gunmen on the driven ice of Main Street. . . courage restored. Grossly derivative of Cat Ballou and others--and heavily padded--but some amusing moments and some celluloid potential.

Pub Date: Feb. 11th, 1981
Publisher: Viking