THE QUEEN'S COWBOY: James Macleod of the Mounties by Kerry Wood

THE QUEEN'S COWBOY: James Macleod of the Mounties

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The Queen's cowboy was history's greatest Canadian mountie, James Macleod. This factual account of his life includes all the exciting events that comprised it: his struggle and eventual success with such Indians as Sitting Bull and the Sioux tribe, his participation in important treaty-making, the construction of the Canadian railroad, and his significant work as judge and law councilor. Macleod began his career as a leader of the Northwest Mounted Police, with the arrest of a group of illicit whiskey traders in the Lake Winnipeg area. When years later, he turned over his command, he had shouldered the greatest responsibilities of any officer before or after him, and had established unequivocally the reputation of the Northwest Mounties. Through his efforts, the Canadian West had been saved from violence and bloodshed. The life and personality of James Macleod provide a worthy source of identification for boys of 11 to 13. A direct, factual style, supported by dramatic illustrations by Joseph Rosenthal, encourage fiction-like interest in a realistic account.

Pub Date: Dec. 21st, 1960
Publisher: St Martin's Press