DARKSPELL by Ketharine Kerr


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Part two of Kerr's fantasy trilogy (Daggerspell, 1986), whose consistently intriguing Iron Age/medieval backdrop features ""dweomer"" (magic), ""Wyrd"" (fate), and reincarnation. Nevyn, the old sorcerer (he was given immortality by the gods in order that he might fulfill an oath) is still defending the kings of Deverry against evil magic; he's hoping to enlist the support of the highly magical but hitherto hostile Elves. However, Nevyn's ancient enemy, the dark-sorcerer Old One, has sent sorcerer emissaries to steal the Great Stone of the Deverry kings (without it the kings will be prone to error and corruption). Eventually, Nevyn will battle with the evil Alastyr on the ethereal plane. Meanwhile, various subplots involve the outcast ""silver dagger"" mercenaries Rhodry and Jill, while a long, gore-drenched historical interpolation establishes the antecedents of the Deverry kings. Energetic, imaginative, and modestly engaging (the main characters are, by now, familiar), with less messy and more consistent plotting. Alas, then, that the writing is no better than headlong churn-it-out stuff, riddled with ridiculous metaphors and expletives. Still, Kerr fans will show up in droves.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1987
ISBN: 0307755851
Publisher: Doubleday