THE PARADE'S GONE BY by Kevin Brownlow


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Passing in review here is the silent film era and Mr. Brownlow has done a splendid job of vitalizing the past through interviews and personal research. Most of this material has never seen print before and the filmophile will go wild over reminiscences such as Joseph Henabery's (who assisted Griffith on Intolerance). And the snaps: Garbo who loved watching talking pictures in reverse but refused to view them the right way. . . Fairbanks intimidated by the Robin Hood castle -- ""You expect me to jump across that?"" . . . Buster Keaton who broke his neck doing his own stunts and didn't realize it until ten years later. . . the chaos that was the original Ben Hur -- ""we'll paint muscles on you!"" . . . Irving Thalberg arguing with Von Stroheim over a foot fetishist -- ""You are a footage fetishist"" . . .

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1968
ISBN: 0520030680
Publisher: Knopf