GRANDPA AND BO by Kevin Henkes


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Henkes' latest picture book is a welcome addition to his growing list of accomplishments. As in his earlier books, Henkes' soft pencil drawings accurately convey the story's mood of quiet simplicity. It was summer. This meant Bo would be staying with his Grandpa as he did every summer. It was the only time they saw each other, except for every other Christmas. They were together all day long--playing ball, gardening, cooking, whittling, taking long walks, and fishing under a shaded tree. Bo's favorite time was when Grandpa told stories about his childhood and taught Bo the names he gave the things around them. The nicest part of the whole summer was the special summer Christmas they shared, since this year they wouldn't be together for Christmas. The summer passed quickly. The corn grew as tall as Grandpa, and the nights became cooler. The night before Bo was to leave, he and Grandpa each made a wish on a shooting star--and without a word they knew they had wished for the very same thing. As is Henkes' style, he takes an ordinary childhood memory and gently textures it with a number of touching details to demonstrate how special the memory is, e.g., the relationship between this boy and his grandfather. However, the understated nature of the illustrations and the story makes this a picture book that may have more appeal to reminiscing adults than to young children.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1986
ISBN: 0066238374
Publisher: Greenwillow