TWO UNDER PAR by Kevin Henkes


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Ten-year-old Wedge (nicknamed for his shape) is in the throes of getting to know his stepfather, King (Arthur), proprietor of Camelot, a miniature golf course. Wedge knows little about his father; Sally, his mother, didn't marry him. Wedge and Sally have been a cozy twosome, which was fine with Wedge, although he's acquired a reputation for being difficult and has scared off more than one of Sally's suitors. When Sally suggests taking King's five-year-old, Andrew, on a weeklong get-acquainted jaunt while King and Wedge pair up at home, Wedge pulls the malingering act that so easily hoodwinks his mother, only to barf for real, then attacks Camelot's prize castle at the unwelcome news that Sally is pregnant. Meanwhile, King has been understanding, patient, and just nice. As the reader becomes aware that Sally is no paragon--although she's warmly affectionate, she can't cook, and was in the habit of leaving Wedge to eat in the kitchen while she watched TV--King gets Sally home again, shows Wedge how to repair the broken castle, interests him in improving his golf game, and gets him a puppy that snuggles "". . .like a small sack of warm muffins."" Wedge, a lonely boy who's long needed a dad, realizes he's found one at last. With freshly observed details giving it verisimilitude, this simply told story of two imperfect, ordinary people who find they need each other has heartwarming power and genuineness.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1987
ISBN: 0060756950
Page count: 116pp
Publisher: Greenwillow