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developed by KEZDAM PTY LTD

Age Range: 2 - 6

Some readers will finds the gigantic, anthropomorphized honeybee in this app adorable, while others will deem Kezza a grating buzz of cuteness. But the big, baby-voiced character is at least housed in a solid interactive experience in which nearly everything on the screen can be touched to elicit brief animations and appropriate sound effects. Kezza is searching for flowers to draw some nectar, and the reader must guide her from one farm destination to the next, chatting with horses, pigs, sheep and other animals. If the (presumably young) reader doesn't find the next destination right away, Kezza squeaks a hint, such as, "Do you see the stable?" Tap the stable, and Kezza says, "That's right!" It's a linear experience devoid of any on-screen text, which for this app seems unnecessary; the good bits are in the animal interactions, not the Point-A-to-Point-B story. The bright colors, cuddly depictions of the barnyard inhabitants (not an unsmiling face among them) and well-produced sound effects make it a warm, if not particularly memorable, farm visit. The app's conclusion and key bonus feature is a computer-animated dance performance and tune sung by the bee. The song is catchy enough to get irrevocably stuck in the reader's head. Whether that's a blessing or a curse will depend on how likable one finds Kezza bee. (iPad storybook app. 2-6)